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New Jumpstart Report – Summer 2017

Child Safety First

Closing the Gap in Best Practices for Prevention and Response to
Sexual Abuse of Minors in Jewish Organizations

Jumpstart presents a new report based on original research into just how prepared Jewish organizations are to prevent and respond to child sexual abuse (CSA). Jumpstart Report 6 Child Safety First Summer 2017 As part of our Child Safety Initiative (see below), Jumpstart surveyed executive directors of Jewish overnight camps and day schools to better understand how Jewish youth serving organizations (YSOs) grapple with child safety issues. Further review of the data and consultation with funders, camp and school association leaders, as well as leading researchers and child safety advocates, has led us to a series of data-driven assessments that we believe ought to shape policy discussion and action among funders and operators of YSOs. The responses to our survey suggest that overnight camps and day schools may have critical gaps in their anti-CSA programs. These gaps — and the organizations’ lack of awareness of these gaps — create vulnerabilities that sexual predators can exploit.

Download Child Safety First: Closing the Gap in Best Practices for Prevention and Response to Sexual Abuse of Minors in Jewish Organizations

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Spotlight Project

Child Safety Funder Pledge

Jumpstart is working with a group of leading philanthropists and foundations to support the adoption of stronger anti-child sexual abuse programs by Jewish organizations that work with children. Despite increasing awareness of the problem, and ongoing media coverage of new incidents, nothing is being done at a systemic level to reduce the risk of sexual abuse of minors or to assure organizations deal with the issue appropriately when it does happen.

The Child Safety Funder Pledge asks funders – foundations and individual philanthropists alike – to pledge that they only support Jewish organizations that have adopted and implemented comprehensive policies and procedures to prevent and address the sexual abuse of children. By raising awareness of the need for such policies and procedures, and making them a minimal requirement for organizations to receive funding, we hope to transform the Jewish communal system to take the steps necessary to tackle this issue.

Learn more at childsafetypledge.org