Joshua Avedon MBA

Joshua Avedon, CEO

I didn’t realize it until recently, but I’ve been in training my whole professional life to help create Jumpstart. My first career was in the trenches of the dot com boom – and by trenches, I mean I was not a general. But I walked away with a first class education in bootstrapping out-of-the-box ideas, and building organizations and brands in a environment of intense creativity (and competition). I then put that education to use as a consultant, helping online ventures plot business and communication strategy. When the bubble burst, I went back to school to get an MBA in nonprofit management, thinking I could take all those skills and apply them to building great Jewish organizations. In 2004, I teamed up with an extraordinary group of social entrepreneurs led by Rabbi Sharon Brous to create IKAR, one of the biggest and fastest growing emerging Jewish kehillot. In writing my master’s thesis about IKAR’s first year, I learned to ask critical questions about how to build next generation spriritual communities. I had the unique opportunity to help develop the first-ever network of Jewish Emergent leaders with Jumpstart co-founder Shawn Landres at Synagogue 3000, as well as work with some of the finest spiritual and thought leaders working on creating sacred communities. My role at Jumpstart is a synthesis of my professional and Jewish journeys over the past two decades – a job to which I bring my skills and my passion to building Judaism for the 21st century.