Sponsored Projects

Jumpstart serves as the fiscal sponsor of a number of innovative projects.

Jumpstart sponsored projects

Culinary Kids Academy
Culinary Kids Academy brings together groups of Jewish young adults for a tremendously social and engaging experience where they cook delicious food. Culinary Kids Academy integrates grade level specific, standards-based, multi-discipline curricula into complex cooking classes.
European Union of Jewish Students
The European Union of Jewish Students is the umbrella organization of 35 national Jewish student unions all across Europe.
Friday Night Lights Events
Friday Night Lights is a series of sophisticated Shabbat and holiday dinners that addresses the need for quality, cultural events that appeal to professional, gay Jews.
Haggadot.com is a resource for Jews of all backgrounds to make the Haggadah that finally feels meaningful for a contemporary seder, with unique perspectives gathered from individuals worldwide.
The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development
The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development (ICSD) unites faith communities, teachers and leaders to promote co-existence, peace, and sustainability through advocacy, education and action-oriented projects.
JLens Investor Network
JLens provides education and tools to investors who wish to align their investment portfolios with their Jewish values.
Jewish Communal Professionals of Southern California
The Jewish Communal Professionals of Southern California (JCPSC) organization was formed in 1975 to provide continuing education, professional development, mentoring, and networking.
Jewish Montessori Society
The Jewish Montessori Society is the central agency for Jewish Montessori education around the world.
Muslim Jewish Conference
The Muslim Jewish Conference (MJC) is a dialogue and leadership organization for students and young professionals, bringing together important representatives and young leadership from Muslim and Jewish communities and beyond.
Project Hayei Sarah
Project Hayei Sarah is a group of emerging Jewish leaders reclaiming Judaism’s sacred text and supporting each other to speak out about the situation in Hebron.
Sandra Caplan Community Bet Din of Southern California
The mission of the Sandra Caplan Community Bet Din of Southern California is threefold: to increase the numbers Jews-by-choice; to offer a pluralistic conversion process; and to facilitate conversion that adheres to firm standards, and is directed by a professional rabbinate that welcomes conversion candidates with sensitivity and gentleness.
A Spatial Practice
A Spatial Practice is a think tank, art collective, design studio, and networking platform dedicated to harnessing the untapped creative possibilities that exist at the nexus of Judaism and design.

Project Partnership projects (sponsored via Jumpstart’s joint venture with Community Partners)

Fair Trade Judaica
Fair Trade Judaica promotes fair trade as a Jewish value through educating the Jewish community, and expanding the production, distribution, and sale of fair trade Judaica products.
Jewish Artists Initiative
The Jewish Artists Initiative (JAI) is an artist-run organization committed to fostering visual art by Jewish artists and promoting dialogue about Jewish identity and related issues among members of the arts community.
Jewish Gateways
Jewish Gateways helps participants explore the riches of Jewish life, make choices that are right for them, and find their place in the Jewish community.
New Ground: A Muslim-Jewish Partnership for Change
NewGround creates connections between Jews and Muslims by building partnerships, relationships and trust that can bridge differences and develop positive engagement between both groups.
Projects Emeriti

Jumpstart is pleased to have assisted the following projects.

Agrigate (Smart Agriculture Analytics)
AgriGate/SAA brings attention to the incredible opportunity for Israel’s businesses, scientists and government to enter China’s agritech market, and to educate readers on how to actually do so.
Bat Kol
Bat Kol fosters both a supportive community and a framework of mutual trust for religious lesbians and their family members.
Building Chatter Bridges
Building Chatter Bridges was a book project on the idea of creating a global consultative body serving to improve channels of communication between Israel and the Diaspora.
ImmerseNYC is a project to create a community mikveh in New York City welcoming all Jews, for conversion & traditional monthly immersion, and for powerfully marking life’s transitions.
Jewish Without Walls (JWOW)
Jewish Without Walls (JWOW) is a grassroots independent initiative to bring Jewish families in Suffolk County together in vibrant Jewish communities.
Jewrnalism is a multimedia info-activism platform which provides young citizen journalists with training, ideas and inspiration to dedicate their work to Jewish life in Europe.
Sefaria offers a free repository of Jewish texts and their interconnections, in Hebrew and in translation.
Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom
SoSS grows relationships between Muslim and Jewish women to build bridges and fight hate, negative stereotyping and prejudice.
TorahTrek explores the connection between inner and outer geography, between the journey into the wilderness and the path of the soul.
Tzedek America
Tzedek America is a gap year program that encourages and teaches graduating high school students how to focus their energy on learning to be social change agents in order to make the United States a better place.
Yahel is an educational organization offering service learning & social action programs in Israel.

Jumpstart adheres to the best practice guidelines of the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors