Impact Investing: Rabbinic Perspectives

What do rabbis think about impact investing?

Impact Investing: Rabbinic Perspectives | based on the JLens Survey on Jewish Values and Investment Decisions We’re pleased to share with you Impact Investing: Rabbinic Perspectives, based on the JLens Rabbinic Survey on Jewish Values and Impact Investing, which was sponsored and conducted by JLens, a nonprofit association exploring Jewish values-aligned investing strategies.

As Rabbi Irving “Yitz” Greenberg observes in the preface, published today in eJewishPhilanthropy,

“This study rightly focuses our attention on the frontiers of tikkun olam. It is the first step in a process of concentrating Jewish attention and efforts to the remarkable opportunity. The survey on which it is based zeroed in on rabbis and their attitudes, because rabbis occupy many places of influence in the Jewish community and are respected within broader society. JLens also seeks to invite rabbis to take the lead in drawing upon Jewish tradition and wisdom for the purpose of increasing socially responsible investing and the new and growing field of impact investing.”

Download the report (including the full text of Rabbi Greenberg’s preface)  here.

Julie Hammerman (left) launched the JLens report on Friday, July 26, in a Nexus Global Youth Summit panel on faith-based impact investing at the United Nations. L-R: Julie Hammerman, John Kim (MSD Capital), Shawn Landres (Jumpstart).The report was previewed with a panel on faith-based impact investing at the Nexus Global Youth Summit in New York on July 26, 2013 at the United Nations which featured Jumpstart co-founder Shawn Landres, JLens founder (and author of the report) Julie Hammerman, and John Kim of MSD Capital.

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